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Massage Ginny is composed of short stories, poetry, and prose.


This book is a combination of facts and embellishments. Names, dates, places, events, and details have been changed, invented, and altered for literary effect. The short stories highlight topics such as domestic violence, rape, mental illness, living with disabilities, etc. Some events have been re-written from my personal life experiences. Some are recalled from other’s experiences. In certain stories, I have taken both my personal mayhem and other’s turmoil and combined them into one, in hopes of giving you a powerful and impactful story. But what’s more important is that these unfortunate issues are global.


Although men are hurt by many of these incidents more women suffer due to patriarchal dominance and have been dealing with it for centuries. My overall goal is to inspire and educate. My desire is to eventually make these short stories into a full novel.


Here is a hint about the title: if you say the words fast enough you will hear what the title describes. This is a pandemic issue that needs to be addressed in order to make changes for peaceful and respectful living conditions for everyone!

Massage Ginny

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