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Brittle Never Broken is definitely not your typical rags to riches memoir.

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Marvina's Story

Marvina Sims is a published Author, Speaker and Empowerment Coach. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, and a minor in creative writing. She is a certified Library Technical Assistant and a certified Domestic Violence Advocate. Marvina’s early retirement from the United States Railroad Retirement Board allowed her to delve more passionately into reading, researching, and writing. Marvina uses her writings to shed light on controversial and taboo issues which is why you will find at the end of each of her books there are several resources from suicide prevention to the Rape hotline. 


Because of the things she witnessed while volunteering on the domestic violence crisis hotline Marvina wanted to do more to help women stuck in traumatic situations, so in 2013 she started an organization called WEWIN Queendom. The acronym WEWIN stands for Women Empower Women in Need. Her mission is to educate those in toxic relationships so that can recognize they have the power to change their own lives.

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