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Brittle Never Broken

Prior to Marvina’s birth, her mom, Annie Mae Jones, attempted homicide and suicide on several occasions. A struggling single mom with three kids, and living within one of Chicago’s poorest and dangerous neighborhoods added more stress to Ann’s already inundated life.


After Marvina is born her mom notices something is physically wrong, but doctors do not detect any problems. Years later Marvina is diagnosed with a debilitating bone disease, which causes her to endure countless fractures, numerous surgeries, and months of hospital stays. But Marvina still manages to get caught up in what many others are doing—drugs, drinking, gambling, and indulging in sexual activities prior to legal age.


Despite Marvina’s tumultuous life, her biggest fear was remaining entangled in the vicious cycle of generational poverty, crime, and substance addiction. For this reason, Marvina was determined to do what was necessary to avoid becoming a statistic.


Brittle Never Broken is definitely not your typical rags to riches memoir. In this case “riches” refers to Marvina’s ability to remain self-motivated despite relentless afflictions, turmoil, and heartaches.


Marvina’s bones may be brittle but nothing or no one can break her awesome spirit!

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